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  • Your MOMBOD Rocks! Here's why

    They say motherhood is the best thing that can ever happen to you. But can we say the same about our post-partum mombods? Weight gain, stretch marks, dark pigmentation on the neck, underarms, and down there, plus mommy pooch, bigger feet, bad posture, leaky breasts… ah the list goes on! 

    If we can go beyond the physical changes in our mombods and learn more about our amazing bodies, we can learn how to better celebrate our mombods. Here are five awesome reasons why your mombod rocks.

  • Nanay... and proud?

    March is International Women’s Month and I thought of writing about all the ways I’m proud to be a woman and a mother – Nanay and proud! But let me go astray here and tell you first the biggest reasons why motherhood didn’t look so appealing to me as a single or even married woman. 
  • Mothers, not martyrs

    Many of us martyr ourselves without even really being aware we are doing so. My dream is for all moms to be able to love their families and serve their communities from a place of abundance and joy – and it all starts with delighting in our inner being. 

    But how do we start the motherhood revolution? Here are three ways to start delighting in your being and thrive as a mother. This love month, may you start giving yourself the radical self-love that no one and nothing can take away from you.

  • New Year, New Mama

    We’re almost halfway into January and if you’re like me, you might be feeling the pressure to be “new year, new you”.

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be the best version of yourself. That’s what we advocate for after all in Studio Maria – for moms to celebrate motherhood and be empowered to be the best version of themselves! But when does the “new year, new you” mindset become harmful for us moms and how can we avoid it? 

  • Handling Toddler Resistance plus FREE Toddler Routine Cards

    Visual reminders help us remember what we need to do so we don't have to constantly think of what to do next. You and your child's daily rhythm can be transformed into Toddler Routine Cards that you can use to communicate with each other. 

  • Dealing with Feelings

    When we acknowledge feelings, we do a great service. We help people get in touch with their inner reality. And once that reality is clear, they gather the strength to begin to cope.