Studio Maria L.Earn Community and Partner Affiliate Program

Join the Studio Maria L.Earn Community by becoming a Studio Maria affiliate! 

1. What is the Studio Maria L.Earn Community?

The Studio Maria L.Earn Community is a community of moms who want to continuously learn and grow, and moms who are partner affiliates of Studio Maria.

In the L.Earn Community, we will have free learning events for moms, fun giveaways and incentives!

2. What does partner affiliate mean?

If you love our products and want to earn from sharing them, you can apply to become our affiliate! A Studio Maria partner affiliate is someone who enters into a partnership with Studio Maria to promote products and earn from each successful sale. Affiliates are given a unique discount code that they can share to their own communities. 

Commission and discount rates are subject to change. Notices on any changes will be sent via email and other channels to partner affiliates a month before it is implemented. 

3. How do I sign-up to become a Studio Maria affiliate and join the L.Earn Community?

To apply, you can go to this link and fill-out the needed details. Please give us 24-48 hours to review and approve your application. 

4. What are the requirements needed to be an affiliate?

You just need to fill-out the form and provide us a copy of your valid ID. All affiliates also need a GCash account for commission pay-outs. 

5. How do I get paid for successful sales?

We are able to track successful sales based on the unique discount code that customers will use. When a customer uses your code, we are able to know that the sale comes from you! Payouts are done on a monthly basis with no minimum requirement. 

6. How do I check my sales and earnings?

Studio Maria will send you a monthly sales report indicating the number of orders and products that were sold using your discount code. 

7. Are there rules to abide by when I become a partner affiliate?

  • All activities online and offline bearing Studio Maria products, logos or any creative materials should adhere to the values of integrity, honesty, respect, compassion and kindness.
  • Any forms of shaming, bashing and threats online or offline of Studio Maria partners will not be tolerated.
  • Studio Maria creative content are owned by Studio Maria and may be shared provided that credit is given to Studio Maria.
  • Studio Maria reserves the right to discontinue partnerships as deemed necessary.

When you send your application form to us, you are hereby agreeing to these principles and rules set by Studio Maria.