About Studio Maria

Studio Maria started as a mom's passion project when Chesca decided that she wanted to spend more time at home with her family. A government employee in one of the biggest national government agencies in the Philippines, she took a risk and pressed pause on her development work career so she can fulfill her dream of staying home with her kids while pursuing her passion for art, design, mindfulness and entrepreneurship. 

At first, Studio Maria started as an art illustration service for family and couple portraits. But eventually, Chesca learned that her heart is closest to new moms like her who were navigating motherhood during an era of social media AND a pandemic. Soon, she pivoted and created art and design for moms that she put on shirts, totes, caps and more to remind moms that they are not alone in this season of motherhood. 

By having mom-focused art and design on different merchandise, Studio Maria mamas are reminded of their strengths, dreams, goals and needs as mothers and as human beings. More than just shirts, we hope to empower moms to find joy in their season of motherhood as they reach their dreams and be the best version of themselves.

The Studio Maria Mission: To create art, design and experiences that empower, inspire and bring joy to moms and their families. Let's celebrate motherhood together!

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